Sunday Responsibilities

January 15th

liturgist - Sue Blair

Ushers - Chris and Tracy Kohnken

January 22nd

liturgist - Bruce Beyer

Ushers - Linda Beyer and Marge Burns

January 29th

liturgist - Marlene Markard

Ushers - Pam Kern and Tekla James

February 5th

liturgist - Nancy Corey

Ushers - Lisa Arnister and Howie Rutherford

February 12th

liturgist - Reva German

Ushers - Josh Tudor and James German

february 19th

liturgist - Walter Klaus

Ushers - Fred and Diane Balsam

Februaury 26th

liturgist - Allison Lizewski

Ushers - Gillian Kluge and Mina Kahofer

March 5th

liturgist - Josh Tudor

Ushers - Nancy Corey and David Cummings

March 12th

liturgist - Valerie Remkus

Ushers - the Remkus family

March 19th

liturgist - Ron Lehman

Ushers - Tracy and Chris Kohnken

March 26th

liturgist - Patricia Behrens

Ushers - Brian and Gavin Gilbride

April 2nd

liturgist - Nancy Corey

Ushers - Richard Simmons Sr. and Gillian Kluge

April 9th

liturgist - SueBlair

Ushers - Anne Mackesey and Pam Kern

April 16th

liturgist - Randy Croxton

Ushers - Diane and Fred Balsam

April 23rd

liturgist - Bruce Beyer

Ushers - Mina Kahofer and Patricia Behrens

April 30th

liturgist - Reva German

Ushers - Allison Lizewski and Josh Tudor