Sunday Responsibilities

Please find below the newest liturgist/usher list.  If you are unable to serve on that day, please try to find a replacement and let the office know.

Thank you to all for helping serve in this way.

Jan 20 -  Lit: Bruce Beyer   Ushers: Linda Beyer and Nancy Cory

Jan 27 - Lit: Sue Blair  Ushers: Lisa Arnister and Howie Rutherford

Feb 3 - Lit: Nancy Cory  Ushers: Gillian Kluge and Pam Kern (communion)

Feb 10 - Lit: Randy Croxton  Ushers: Tracy ad Chris Kohnken

Feb 17 - Lit: Allison Lizewski  Ushers: Tekla James and Anne Mackesey

Feb. 24 - Lit: Sue Blair  Ushers: Nancy Cory and Mina Kahofer

Mar 3 - Lit: Patricia Behrens  Ushers: Lisa Arnister and Howie Rutherford (communion)

Mar 10 - Lit: Valerie Remkus  Ushers: Remkus Family

Mar 17 - Lit: Reva German  Ushers: Brian and Gavin Gilbride

Mar 24 - Lit: Mina Kahofer  Ushers: Patricia Behrens and Gillian Kluge

Mar 31 - Lit: Sue Blair  Ushers: Lisa Arnister and Howie Rutherford

Apr 7 - Lit: Nancy Cory  Ushers: Allison Lizewski and Pam Kern (communion)

Apr 14 - Lit: Randy Croxton  Ushers: Anne Mackesey and Patricia Behrens (Palm Sunday)

Apr 21 - Lit: Reva German  Ushers: Tekla James, James German, Brian and Gavin Gilbride (Easter)

Apr 28 - Lit: Bruce Beyer  Ushers: Tracy and Chris Kohnken